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Transform your good teachers to great teachers
Give your child world class learning experience
Transform yourself to NEP ready school

teaching-learning efficiency and effectiveness

Products and Processes derived from global best practices

tried and tested methodologies for over 10+ years


No hard separations between arts and sciences, between curricular and extracurricular activities, between vocational and academic streams, order to eliminate harmful hierarchies among, and silos between different areas of learning
Multidisciplinary and a holistic education across the sciences, socialsciences, arts, humanities, and sports for a multidisciplinary world in order to ensure the unity and integrity of all knowledge
Emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and learning-for-exams
Creativity and critical thinking to encourage logical decision-making and innovation
Ethics and human & Constitutional values like empathy,respect for others, cleanliness, courtesy, democratic spirit, spirit of service, respect for public property, scientific temper, liberty, responsibility, pluralism, equality, and justice
Promoting multilingualism and the power of language in teaching and learning
Life skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork, and resilience
Focus on regular formative assessment for learning rather than the summative assessment that encourages today’s ‘coaching culture’
Extensive use of technology in teaching and learning, removing language barriers, increasing access for Divyang students, and educational planning and management
Respect for diversity and respect for the local context in all curriculum, pedagogy, and policy, always keeping in mind that education is a concurrent subject


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